Updating pupil and class data

  1. At any time you can update the Pupil and Class data
  2. Click on the ‘Spanner icon‘ (admin / settings)
  3. Click on ‘Manage Data
  4. Click on ‘Pupils & Classes
  5. Click on ‘Update Pupils & Classes
  1. If you are on Data Exchange then select ‘Check for Updates‘.
Updates for both Aspire and Aspire Pupil Tracking
  1. This will show the number of pupil changes found
  2. Click ‘Start import’
  3. Once the update has completed
  4. You can click ‘Show‘ against any of the options to display the Pupil changes for either new pupil records, changes to pupil records, removed pupils or those with invalid data. Any class updates are also shown
  5. Click on ‘Finish updating pupil & classes
Check for Update - Pupil Tracking

If you are on Pupil Tracker it will ask you to check for updates in the Pupil Tracker as well (please refer to step 2 in the Update pupils & classes screen shot above).

Updated on 25th March 2020

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