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TSV files

TSV stands for “tab-separated values” (as opposed to CSV which is “comma-separated values”). It’s a file type which can be accepted by several spreadsheet-based programs, making it accessible to non-Microsoft users. As a specific example, a TSV file can be used to transfer information from a database program such as the browser-based FFT Aspire to a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or spreadsheet programs provided by other developers.

  1. Download an export from FFT Aspire.
  2. Open a spreadsheet program (i.e. Excel).
  3. Go to ‘File’ > ‘Open’ and search for the file. Please note, the file type will default to Excel Files and you will need to change this to ‘All Files’ to see the TSV file.
  1. Select the TSV file.
  2. Click ‘Open’.
  3. Accept all the defaults
Updated on 22nd August 2019

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