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School groups

You can create school groups to help you analyse the performance of any pupil groups unique to the school that are not captured within the school’s MIS or collected through the school census.

Creating school groups

Create/edit assessment permission is required to create or add pupils to a school group.

Open the Administration menu Go to Aspire Pupil Tracking > Assessment Tracker > Create & edit my school groups

Examples of groups

  • Intervention groups
  • Subject teaching groups
  • Booster groups


You can create sub-groups so you can analyse the performance of pupils within a group alongside each other. If you have subject teaching groups you can analyse the performance of each group and therefore share good practice. For example:

  • Mr Smith
  • Mrs Jones

Analyse the performance of school groups

From the top menu, select Pupil Tracking, then My School Groups to access the school groups report and see a breakdown of the performance of your groups.

You can also filter by school group on other Assessment Tracker reports.

Updated on 17th August 2020

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