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Pupils scatterplot report – Pupil Tracking

  1. Click on ‘Pupils scatterplot
  2. You can change the various criteria of each report (see Report Criteria)
  3. This will show the comparisons between estimate, attainment
  • Click on the ‘Swap axes‘ blue link to swap X and Y axes over
  • Click on under the X and Y axes there is a blue drop down list that will allow you to change the X and Y axis definitions
  • The default for the scatterplot is for ‘All pupils’ but you can change this by clicking on the drop down list to other criteria, e.g. FSM, Gender etc.
  • Remember to you can zoom into the scatterplot using the cursor and drawing a box around part of the scatterplot, this will zoom into that area of the graph
Updated on 20th November 2019

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