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Import assessments


Importing works by securely connecting to your test provider and pulling assessment data directly into Aspire.

This means no need to enter pupil assessments on-screen or via file upload, which saves you time and effort.

Aspire Pupil Tracking currently supports importing from RS Assessment, and we’re working on adding other test providers.


You can import assessments directly from RS Assessment if you have done the following:

  1. Set up your school’s account with RS Assessment.
  2. Authorised FFT in your RS Assessment dashboard.

At this time, you also need to be one of the schools participating in the trial of this feature.

How to import

Create & Edit Assessments and Manage Data permissions are required.

  1. From the Admin menuchoose Aspire Pupil Tracking > Assessment Tracker > Import assessments
  2. Press Check for Updates to ensure Aspire has the latest pupil information from your MIS. Then return to Import Assessments.
  3. Choose a test provider from the dropdown list. A short test of your connection will be performed. If it is successful, press Start Import.
    • If the test fails, follow the instructions on-screen. Note that if your school is not a part of the trial of this feature, the check will fail.
  4. Follow the steps on-screen to import your assessments.
  5. Imported assessments are accessible from the assesments list.

Some pupils could not be imported – why?

The number of pupils that cannot be imported (if any) will be displayed in the assessment summary.

Pupils cannot be imported if they do not match the list of pupils that Aspire holds. To ensure that Aspire Pupil Tracking holds an up-to-date list of your pupils, please run Check For Updates before importing assessments.

Updated on 26th July 2022

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