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FFT MIS data sharing agreement

FFT provides a service to enable your school to provide pupil updates directly from your school management information system (MIS) to the FFT Aspire service that you currently subscribe to. This document forms FFT’s MIS Data Sharing Agreement with you.


To utilise the service, you must have a separate subscription to a supported third party MIS Connector. Most schools will already have this in place. Aspire currently supports MIS Connectors provided by Groupcall, and Wonde. You must also have granted permission to the MIS Connector to share the specific data items that you want to provide to FFT Aspire.

How is the data shared?

Once connected to your MIS, Aspire will automatically detect when new pupils are added to your school and when an existing pupil’s information changes. Your Aspire data administrator will be able to control whether data is to be synchronised between your MIS automatically or whether this is to be done as a manual process.

Updates, and new data which you authorise to be shared with Aspire (such as assessments, attendance, pupil groups and additional pupil details) will be passed securely to Aspire via the third party data connector.

How do I control what is shared?

The only data that will be shared with FFT is that which you authorise your third part MIS Connector to share. You can change this at any point, or you can use the Aspire portal to tell the FFT Aspire system to stop taking data from the MIS Connector.

What does FFT do with the data?

MIS data provided to Aspire is used solely for the Aspire service that you subscribe to. This is covered by your Aspire End User License Agreement.

You are the Data Controller for the MIS data that you provide directly to Aspire and FFT is the Data Processor.

Under the Aspire service, FFT may share information provided by a school with the school’s Local Authority, MAT / Academy Chain and Diocese. The data it is not shared by FFT with any other third parties.

How long does FFT retain the data for?

All pupil data provided to Aspire by your school will be removed from your Aspire portal no longer than 6 months after:

  • your school informs FFT that the pupil has left
  • the pupil completes the highest national curriculum key stage for the school
  • your Aspire subscription comes to an end

Un-named pupil information will be retained in the Aspire database for auditing purposes for up to 5 years.

By accepting this data sharing agreement, you are accepting the retention of data for these periods.


Aspire has been designed from the start to be highly secure. Security tests are carried out by FFT’s own test team with additional checks being carried out as part of an annual IT Health Check (ITHC) by an external Crest Approved Security Tester.

Data provided to FFT is held in a secure environment hosted in the UK. All data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest.

FFT is accredited under ISO27001 & Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+). All of FFT’s staff are BPSS checked. Subject access Information required to respond to a pupil subject access request is available through FFT Aspire pupil reports which can be output in a number of electronic formats.

What if I have more questions or require support?

Any questions or queries relating to our terms and conditions, privacy policy or GDPR are covered by our website https://fft.org.uk/gdpr/

Alternatively, please contact FFT’s support team by emailing support@fft.org.uk

Updated on 17th August 2021

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