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Data Exchange – data connector contacts


There are 2 Data Connector companies that we operate with to establish a connection to your MIS in your school (Groupcall, and Wonde).

If you have started the process of signing up for Data Exchange and chosen your Data Connector from the list. Check you have received an email from the Data Connector company, this will contain a series of instructions as to what to do next.

If within 24 hours you have not received an email or are experiencing difficulties completing their steps, please contact your Data Connector company directly. They will be pleased to help with any setup queries you may have.


Raise a Groupcall Support ticket by filling out this support form (see link below)

Contact Support – Community Brands UK

Telephone: 020 8506 6100


Email: support@wonde.com

Telephone: 01638 779144

Updated on 8th September 2021

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