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Data Exchange errors

Once you have set up the Data Exchange on FFT, if you then experience an error message for Groupcall, then it is likely be one of the following messages:

  • Groupcall Connector Error: Generic exception occured.
  • Groupcall Connector Error: Authorisation is currently paused.
  • Groupcall Connector Error: Failed to connect to Groupcall Xporter.
  • Groupcall Connector Error: Error Unable to fetch XodSchoolData Job.
  • Groupcall Connector Error: Response contained a XodSchoolData constraint failed message.
  • Groupcall Connector Error: Response contained a SqlException.
  • Groupcall Connector Error: Unable to fetch XodAttendanceSummary‚Ķendpoint not found.

If you have any of the above errors, then please contact Groupcall directly. If emailing then include the School name / DfE number / Error message in the Subject Title of the email.

Groupcall will then log a support ticket and contact you to resolve the issue.

For Wonde, the procedure is the same as above but the error message might be different, again quote the wording of the error to Wonde.

Updated on 15th January 2021

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