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2022 Aspire – Your MIS data

This shows the current data that FFT have extracted from your MIS (Management Information System) via your Data Provider (either Wonde or Groupcall).

There are 5 tabs that you can select for each data type: Students. Employees, Year Groups, Registration groups, and Status.

Students tab shows a breakdown of the main data fields on the left and the raw data on the right for each pupil that is visible on your MIS. So it is possible to use the ‘Control + F’ find feature in Windows to find the pupil required from the list. This could be used to check on the Date of Birth or whether the UPN is showing as expected.

Employees tab lists out the employees basic details at the school and it will show whether they are identified as a teacher or not.

Year groups tab lists out the Year group name (usually a number) and also the number of students in that group (shown as student count).

Registration tab shows the registration name given, e.g. Kestrels, Owls along with the student count.

Status tab is perhaps the most important is it shows the latest status of the connection, it lists details of the provider (Wonde or Groupcall), who ordered the connection, and what date it was enabled.

FFT Processed data

This option shows the data that has been processed / viewable by FFT. In someways this section is easier to view pupils as some are in a list format and to see if there are any errors like invalid UPNs.

These sections consist of Students (list format), Employees, Year Groups (list format), Registration Groups, Pupil Groups and Teaching Groups. Again this can be useful to double check that data is showing correctly.

On the Students page the default view is to show ‘All’, but this can be filtered to Valid or Invalid, to help quickly show possible students with data queries. In most cases any invalid data will have be to corrected on the school’s MIS. If any updates take place, allow 24 hours for the change to take effect with FFT.

Data Health Check

This section consists of Data Sets and MIS compatibility tabs. The Data Sets section gives an early indication of an errors or missing data that might occur, for example missing Attendance data. The MIS compatibility shows a table of all the different types of MIS and what compatibility issues if any occur. Green tick is OK, Red X is not compatible.

RS Assessment

This function allows you to spot check the Rising Stars assessment records that FFT can see from GL Assessment. There are two tabs, RS Assessment data and Data after processing. Within each section the data is grouped by Test, but this can be changed via the drop down option to group by various other options including: UPN, Year, Paper name, Date test taken, Passport id and Standardised score. Each group when clicked on will show the corresponding raw data on the right hand side.

Just click on the Year / Key Stage required and it will show you the RAW data on the right hand side of the display.

To update an existing Rising Stars assessment in FFT Pupil Tracking, it will be necessary to delete the existing RS Assessment in Pupil Tracking and then re-import the Assessment for the updated changes to show correctly.

If you get the error message below, this means that the school have not set up the GL Assessment connection with FFT yet. Please refer to Import Assessments.

Updated on 10th November 2022

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