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Edit curriculum objectives

This option allows you to edit and create the curriculum objectives.

Edit objectives

  1. From the Pupil Tracking tab, click on ‘View the curriculum and assessments
  2. Then find the curriculum you want in the list and click ‘Edit curriculum objectives
  1. Select the ‘Subject‘ from the drop down list, e.g. Reading
  2. Click on the ‘Year‘ required
  1. Click ‘Add topic‘ (if you wish to add a new topic entry)
  2. You can enter ‘Objective‘ entries or update the existing objectives by over-typing them in the text box provided
  3. You can also arrange the order sequence using the up and down arrows
  4. For any objectives that need removing, use the red x in a circle icon
  1. Always remember to click ‘Save‘ to store your changes, or alternatively click ‘Cancel

Video guide

Updated on 2nd February 2020

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