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Create curriculum

This option (which is for Primary schools only) allows you to create a curriculum, which will allow you to measure your pupils’ attainment against national curriculum objectives.

Create a new curriculum

  1. Click on the ‘Pupil Tracker‘ tab, under the heading Curriculum tracker, click on ‘Create Curriculum
  2. Enter your assessment and curriculum name and description
  3. Select the subjects from the list of subjects, e.g. Reading, Writing, Maths etc.
  4. Select the year groups from the list of years
  5. Select the from the list of ‘Pre-defined templates’, e.g DfE or choose ‘No template’ this will allow you to create a curriculum and add your own topics/objectives. (The topics and objectives within pre-defined DfE template can be manipulated to reflect the curriculum for your school i.e. topics/objectives can be amended/deleted, or you can add your own topics/objectives)
  1. Click ‘Save‘ to store the change, or alternatively you can click ‘Cancel‘ if you do not wish to proceed

More templates will be added later

Video guide

Updated on 7th October 2020

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