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2022 Aspire – Data Manager

The FFT Data Manager function allows the school to view details of their Organisation, their Subscriptions,User accounts, Data Exchange, Data Scopes and Data Summary.

The Data Manager can be accessed from the Administration option from the left hand menu.


The Summary page has 6 blocks of information, separated into two areas, Organisation and subscription and School data.

Organisation and Subscription

This consists of My Organisation, which shows basic details of the school, then My FFT Services which will show any subscriptions that are currently live with the school. Multiple subscriptions would show here, for example Aspire, APT (Pupil Tracking), Phonics, TWL etc. It will also show the subscription type, e.g. via LA, or Direct via FFT.

The far right option is My Users Accounts which gives a quick summary of the number of users and their roles. Select ‘Add User’ to add a new user, or select ‘My User‘ accounts which will take you to Manage Users.

School Data

This consists of My Data Exchange Connection, My Data Scopes and Data Summary. This function allows you to inspect the Data Exchange connection.

My Data Exchange shows you a summary of the connection the school has along with which data provider and the dates it was ordered and what the last date data was extracted. Click on the My Data Exchange connection links to the same link as Your MIS data, where you can inspect the data in more detail.

My Data Scopes are the scopes of data that have been agreed to be shared through either Wonde or Groupcall (depending which one was set). You can click on ‘View‘ to look at these scopes in more detail.

Data Summary shows the total records for each data type, along with the number that may have errors (for example invalid UPNs).

Other links shown on this screen are Your MIS data (data from your local Management Information System), FFT processed data (which is the data in detail that has been processed for FFT) and Data Health Check (which allows for the checking of any errors in data recording, for example for Attendance Tracker).

Updated on 10th November 2022

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