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School administration – create a single user

There are various permissions which can be applied to Aspire accounts and which allow the user to interact with the Aspire system in different ways. Each account can have any of these permissions applied in any combination. The following section describes how to do this as part of the Aspire account creation process.

Firstly, log into FFT Aspire https://fftaspire.org and click the administration icon in the top right hand corner of Aspire.

A menu will display on the right side of your screen. Click ‘Users’ and ‘Create a single user’.

About the user

Input Forename, Surname and Email address and click ‘Next’.

User’s job role

Select the user’s job role in your organisation and click ‘Next’.

Aspire / Pupil Tracking administration

The two administrations options are:

  • School Aspire setup & Pupil Tracking – an administration permission which allows the account holder to set up and manage school Aspire accounts, Aspire Collaborate group access, the Target Setting management functions and Pupil Tracking (Primary schools). Please note that this type of account is limited to 4 per school. If you have administration access, you will also have Manage Data by default.
  • Manage data – allows the user to import (i.e. add) and delete pupils from Aspire and assign pupils to individual subjects on the dashboards. Please note that this type of account is limited to 6 per school.
  • Once selected, click ‘Next

User’s access to reports

The three permissions that will allow access to reports are:

  • Allow user to view school-level reports. This will then pull up options for Special Permissons:
  • Allow user to view pupil-level data & suppressed and sensitive items – allows the user access to pupil-level data within every dashboard
  • Allow user to view any FFT Collaborate groups – allows the user access to view any FFT Collaborate group to which the school belongs.

Please note that you can also leave FFT Collaborate groups unticked, then provide user access to individual collaborate groups by using the Collaborate administration module which is managed by  users with the School Aspire Setup permission.

To give a user either or both of these permissions tick the allow user to access school level reports option and then tick the appropriate box below. Once selected, click ‘Next’.

User’s access to Pupil Tracking (Primary schools only)

The user can have any of the following:

Viewing Reports:

  • Allow user to view school/class-level reports
  • Allow user to view pupil-level reports

Assessment administration:

  • Allow user to create and edit assessments (and create custom School Groups)
  • Allow user to add pupil assessment data

Confirm and finish

You will be able to review the access you have given before confirming. Select ‘Confirm and finish.’ This user will now display the ‘Pending users’ on the next screen. The user will also have been sent an email containing a link for them to sign up to Aspire. This is the first part of a two-stage process designed to securely give users access to Aspire.

  1. To confirm their identity and complete the second part of the two-stage process, each new user needs the unique Activation code from this screen. The new user will only need the Activation code for their initial login to Aspire.
  2. Supply the new user with the unique Activation code either over the telephone, electronically or in person. Please note that if emailing the Activation Code, you should be sure that you are using a secure process and be confident that any email address used is entirely correct and belonging to the intended recipient.

Changing or updating account details

  1. Log into Aspire https://fftaspire.org
  2. Click the administration (spanner) icon in the top right-hand corner of Aspire, select the ‘Users’ option from the menu and then ‘Manage Users’.
  3. Choose the account to edit by selecting the pencil icon in the ‘Edit’ column to the left of the page.
  4. Update the user’s job role, access to reports and administration permissions. Please note that administrators cannot change the name and email address fields of any user account bar their own. To change these fields, the user must update their profile.
  5. Select ‘Save’ or ‘Cancel and return to list’ if no changes are made or changes are not to be saved
Updated on 9th February 2022

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