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Setting up your account on FFT Aspire

There are some basic steps to set up your Account on FFT Aspire.

  1. Your school’s Aspire administrator or LA will need to log in and create a new User Account.
  2. This will automatically generate an email to you with a unique link.
  3. Click on the link and enter your Activation Code (this will be provided to you by your administrator)
  4. Set a new password and enter your security information.
  5. Complete the remaining steps for the account to confirm your details.
  6. Ensure that you agree to the terms and conditions and licence agreement.
  7. You should now be logged in.
  8. Never share or write down your password. Remember your security answers – you will need them if you forget your password.

We would recommend the Chrome browser when using FFT Aspire.

Updated on 31st December 2019

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