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Known issues – Assessment Tracker

How to fix the Assessment Tracker issue with ‘N’ showing in Scaled Score, when a score should show

A fix has been added to the site to prevent this in future, however, if data was entered before the fix, then the following steps will correct this.


Whilst if a pupil is absent ‘A’ is allowed in the scaled score and ‘N’ is allowed when no scaled score is achieved, there were instances where ‘N’ was showing when a scaled score should have been shown. Also where reports were missing scaled scores in attainment but data for scaled scores were showing in the data, the following routine should also correct this for you.

  1. From the Assessment Tracker, click on ‘Enter pupil assessments’ for that assessment
  2. Click ‘Show’ on the top right
  3. Click ‘Download template
  4. Open the spreadsheet in Excel
  5. Manually remove the ‘Scaled score’ and ‘Overall scores’ only in the template and save the template
  6. Then delete all the assessment data in the template and save the template as a new name e.g. ‘Empty template
  7. Then click ‘Upload‘ and select ‘Empty template’ (this will zeroise the data)
  8. The click ‘Upload‘ again and choose the completed template (i.e. the one which was completed in step 5)
  9. Check on screen to see if this has fixed the issue, then click ‘Save
Updated on 21st February 2020

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