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2022 Aspire – Quick guide – How to set a target

Targets can be set for pupils at any time, with or without benchmarks.

  1. Login to Aspire, (with pupil level access rights)
  2. Click on ‘Target setting‘ using the left hand menu
  3. Click on ‘Subject Dashboard
  4. Select the ‘Key Stage‘ and the ‘Subjects‘ (max of 3)
  5. Select the ‘Year group‘ / ‘Teaching Group‘ (or All) – this will filter the list of students
  6. Look for the heading for ‘Set Targets‘ and click on the ‘down‘ arrow.
  7. Select the target value from the drop down list (see screenshot)
  8. Click ‘I want to assign this target to all pupils selected
  9. Click on ‘Assign target to all
  10. Remember to click ‘Save Targets

For Key Stage 4 (Secondary schools) it is now also possible to upload GL CAT4 test results using the File Exchange feature.

Updated on 14th November 2022

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