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Edit pupil list

Before you begin

Please note that the following steps can only be performed by users whose school access is ‘Full access to pupil data’. If you are not sure of your level of access or do not have this account type, please speak to your school’s FFT Aspire Administrator.

  1. Log in to https://fftaspire.org
  2. Go to ‘Self-evaluation’¬†followed by ‘Pupils’.
  3. Click on ‘Edit list’, found above the list of pupils.
  4. You will now see the editing page with your list of pupils.
  5. Simply select or deselect pupils by clicking on their name. You will see that the green ribbon on the left of the discounted pupil will turn red and the pupil will be ‘greyed out’. This indicates the students which will be removed from the dashboard.
  6. Click ‘Apply’.
  7. Once you have applied the changes, you will see a summary of the pupils selected along the top of the dashboard, e.g. 192 of 196 pupils.
  8. Navigate through the other self-evaluation reports and the data will be recalculated to reflect your changes.
Updated on 2nd November 2023

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