Manage imports

This function allows you to view the state of recent imports, these can be either via Data Exchange or via manual import methods.

This process can be completed by any user with an Aspire account that has “Manage Data” and “Aspire Setup” permissions.

  1. Log into the FFT Aspire website
  2. Click the administration icon in the top right-hand corner of Aspire.
  1. Under Manage Data, click on ‘Pupils & Classes’ and ‘Manage Imports’
  2. The data imports are listed in date order with the most recent at the top
  3. If you see a recent import in shown in Red / Partially processed, you should be able to click on ‘Continue checking
  1. The system will then list out pupils that are ready to import / remove
  2. You can review the changes and click ‘Confirm
Updated on 29th December 2019

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