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KS5 target setting administration


The following processes are suggested in order for schools to make the most of the Key Stage 5 (KS5) benchmarks in FFT Aspire for KS5 Target-Setting. Once the Autumn Census data for the academic year is included in the Aspire system, it will only be necessary to import any Year 12 and 13 pupils that were not included in that census return.

This guide contains all the basic steps needed to set up KS5 Target-Setting. More detailed guidance is highlighted at the end of each section. All of the guidance documents referred to can be found in the FFT Aspire Help Centre (https://fftaspire.org).

Selecting subjects for the school

There are a total of 96 KS5 subjects included in Aspire, with the 20 most popular KS5 subjects being displayed as the default setting. Aspire Administrators can tailor the system for their school to select only the subjects that are taught at the school; this will ensure that any Aspire users will only see KS5 benchmarks for the relevant KS5 subjects.

  1. Log into FFT Aspire https://fftaspire.org as the administrator account
  2. Click on the admin icon
  1. Click on Manage Target-Setting and select Subjects.
  2. Click the Key Stage button and choose KS5.
  3. Click the Year button and select the relevant year group.
  1. Tick the KS5 subjects delivered by your school and ensure that all other subjects are unticked.
  2. Click Save.

NOTE: Select all and Select none buttons are available at the bottom-right of the page.

Please see Manage target setting – subjects for further information.

Updated on 26th December 2019

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