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EYFS Results Service (for 2021 KS1 estimates) – upload guidance

Uploads allowed until 30th April.

Applies to your school’s current Year 1.


The EYFS Results Service lets you upload your 2019 EYFS results, from which FFT will produce your 2021 KS1 (current Year 1) estimates. These estimates will appear in the Aspire Target Setting dashboard.

Pupils report in Target Setting Subject Dashboard

Important – before you begin

Please note that the following steps to import 2019 EYFS Results data in FFT Aspire can only be performed by users with Manage Data permissions.

If you are not sure about your level of access, please speak to your school’s FFT Aspire administrator.

The file upload function within the 2019 EYFS upload page will be available until 30th April 2020. FFT will then produce initial KS1 estimates in mid-April for those who have uploaded.

I have uploaded a file but my Year 1 cohort has now changed, can I upload a new file?

Yes, if your Year 1 cohort changes you can upload a new CTF (containing ALL your current Year 1 pupils) prior to the closing date 30th April. FFT will only use the latest file.

Upload your 2019 EYFS results

Manage Data administration permission required.

  1. Produce a Common Transfer File (CTF) for all of your current Year 1 pupils from your MIS (.xml format).

    • You must ensure that the file includes EYFS assessment data. If you need help to produce a CTF, please refer to your MIS supplier’s guidance.
    • If you are asked to enter a destination, please use the name of your local authority.
  2. Go to the FFT Aspire Early Years Results Service upload page.

    If you cannot use the link above, please follow these steps:
    • Sign in to FFT Aspire https://fftaspire.org
    • Select the Administration icon in the top right hand of the screen and a menu will display on the right side.
    • Under Manage data, select Early Years results service then Upload your 2019 EYFS results for KS1 estimates.

  3. Select Choose file, select your EYFS results file and press Upload EYFS results.

Notes for uploading

Please ensure that you include your EYFS assessments in your CTF. For details on how to produce a CTF file including assessment data for your Year 1 pupils, please refer to your MIS supplier’s guidance.

Upload history

The upload history section is a chronological list of every attempted upload to the Early Years Results Service by the school.

Date/timeThe date and time which the file upload attempt was made. This is shown in chronological order with most recent file at the top of the list.
FilenameName reference for the uploaded file.
UserIdentifies the Aspire user who uploaded the XML file.
StatusIndicates whether the uploaded file was successful or unsuccessful. The most recent successful upload will be the file used by FFT to produce your 2021 KS1 (current Year 1) estimates.

Further help and support

If you need any further help, support or advice then please contact our support team. We can take you through the process step-by-step or help with any individual issues.

Updated on 6th April 2020

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