Delete pupils in Pupil Tracking


Please note that the following steps to delete pupils from FFT Aspire can only be performed by users with ‘Manage Data‘ in their Administration rights.

If you are not sure of your administration access or do not have this account type, please speak to your school’s FFT Aspire Administrator.

Delete pupils

  1. Log into the Aspire site
  2. Select the Administration icon in the top right hand of the screen and a menu will display on the right side.
Administration Icon
  1. Under ‘Manage data‘, select ‘Pupils & Classes’ and ‘Delete pupils manually’ from the dropdown options.
  1. Select the Key Stage and Year Group using the dropdown.
Select Key Stage and Year
  1. Select the pupils to be deleted by clicking the ‘Delete’ icon.
  2. The ‘Delete’ icon will be highlighted for each pupil selected.
Delete icon
  1. Once all the pupils to be deleted have been selected, click the ‘Continue‘ button.
  2. The ‘Check and confirm pupils to delete’ page displays details of all the pupils highlighted for deletion.
Delete Pupils
  1. Amendments to the list of pupils highlighted for deletion can be made by selecting the ‘Change selections’ option.
  2. Once the list is finalised, select the ‘Delete Pupils‘ button.
  3. A final confirmation message will be displayed. Confirm the deletion of the highlighted pupils by selecting the ‘Delete pupils’ button. The ‘Cancel’ button returns the browser to the ‘Check and confirm pupils to delete’ page.
Delete Pupils confirmation
  1. The ‘Delete pupils’ page confirms the number of pupils which have been removed.
Confirmation of number of Pupils deleted

Updated on 17th February 2020

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