Create assessments

This function allows you to enter the Assessment name / description and details of the assessment.

Ensure you add all year groups and subjects that form part of this assessment (for example Autumn term assessments for years 3-6 for reading, writing, maths & EGPS). This will ensure you can analyse all year groups and subjects alongside each other.


Please ensure you have Administration / Manage Data access rights if you wish to ‘Check for Updates‘ to import Pupils into Assessment Tracker. This is a separate update just for Pupil Tracker. You will also need ‘Create / Edit Assessment’ access rights before using this option.

  1. Click on ‘Administration‘ (spanner icon on the top right)
  2. Click on ‘Assessment tracker’
  3. Click on ‘Create new assessment
  4. Before creating an assessment you must first check the MIS is up-to-date for pupils and classes
  5. Click ‘Check for updates‘ (you will need ‘Manage Data’ and access rights to see this option. Ensure the update is completed before continuing)
  6. Enter ‘Assessment name’ (mandatory and must be unique) and ‘Description‘ (optional)
  7. Select the ‘Assessment year‘ and ‘Month‘ from the drop down lists
  8. Select the year group ‘Key stage‘ e.g. KS1, KS2
  9. Tick the boxes for the ‘Years‘ required
  10. ‘Choose tests’ (from the list of test types, e.g. This is a Teacher Assessment, This is a test)
  11. Select the ‘Provider‘ / ‘Teacher Assessments‘ (from the list e.g. Rising Stars, DfE / DfE Teacher Assessment etc)
  12. Choose the tests for each year by ticking the boxes
  13. Select ‘Create Assessment‘ or ‘Create and enter pupil assessments’
  14. Alternatively you can click on ‘Cancel
Updated on 13th February 2020

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